Begin the journey

Let’s connect.

Our world is overflowing with the opportunity to connect.

We’ve got mindfulness apps/self-connecting, online dating/love-connecting and virtual communities/world-connecting. When you think about it, it’s miraculous!

Yet, in this world of hyper-connectivity, we can feel isolated. We see our kids more focused on the phone than friends, in stores and streets we pass each other with no acknowledgment. It feels safer and easier to retreat into our own world than to risk genuine connection. 

Sometimes I make these choices. They never make me feel alive.

Why do we feel isolated when we are more connected, as a species, than we have ever been before?


I’d like to take on this question with you. Together we’ll find real, creative and awe-inspiring answers that will help us all shift from “Me” to “We”.

Let’s see what happens if we step toward each other, realize our similarities and become part of something bigger than ourselves.

I really mean it!

Let’s Connect!