A 14-Day International & At-Home Experiment to Re-boot your life.
July 3-July 16, 2016 | FREE

Maybe you feel stuck in your routines and hunger for a new rhythm.

Maybe you want space to reflect but there’s no time in your busy schedule.

Maybe you’d love a fresh new view, but traveling right now is out of the question.

Maybe it’s time for you to…
Step off the treadmill and
step into a pilgrimage.


Pilgrimage a sustained endeavor taken with the purpose to examine, re-center and re-boot your life.

REALIZING CONNECTION invites you to become a modern-day Pilgrim wherever you are and to connect virtually to a group of pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

If you’re ready to reboot your life, one step at a time, this virtual experiment offers you support to create a pilgrimage for yourself wherever you are and to connect with others around the world.

Here’s how it works:
July 3-16 I’ll be walking the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain – powerful territory with phenomenal vibes. And I’ll be there with a small but mighty band of bright and fun-loving pilgrims.

At the same time as the tour in Spain, we are hosting a Virtual Pilgrimage online so you can take your own journey wherever you are with us in Spain and with other virtual pilgrims from all over the world.


Join the Virtual Pilgrimage in 5 Easy Steps:


Make a pledge to set aside time each day for 2 weeks to connect to what matters to you.


You will receive in your inbox a private invitation to join our free private REALIZING CONNECTION Community of pilgrims and journeyers. That’s where a lot of the fun and activity will happen.


This is definitely a “the-more-the-merrier” experiment. People you might invite:

  • Friends you enjoy walking with
  • Someone looking for a life re-boot
  • Someone going through a major life transition
  • Friends and family who live far away whom you want to connect with while having fun

Invite them by sending this link (


Starting on July 3, you will receive a daily supportive prompt and even live remote videos from the Camino de Santiago in Spain (sometimes the Wi-Fi can be spotty, so we’ll see). You’ll get to adventure virtually with us while you and the rest of our merry band of virtual pilgrims share their adventures from wherever you are! It will be an international stay-at-home pilgrimage!

These 14 prompts & boosts will take you on a progressive journey to reflect upon your life & dreams, share your experiences with others, and ultimately realize more connection and less isolation.


The real joy of this Pilgrimage Experiment is that you do not have to journey alone. We offer safe and inspiring guidelines for sharing your experiences through a variety of online channels. You will feel what it’s like to take a Virtual Pilgrimage simultaneously with people from all around the world.



A group of us are headed to Spain. Through remote video and other updates on our private Facebook Community, you can to join your personal pilgrimage with ours,  others in your neighborhood, and those around the world.

You can go on your pilgrimage from home. You can go on your pilgrimage from work. You can get up and go to nearby camping grounds or jet off to a far-away destination come July 3. The possibilities are limitless and totally up to you!


A pilgrim no longer means a dour-faced person donning a steeple hat. Used to be, people had to travel far distances to foreign lands to find the unexpected, see new sights and meet new people. Now that we have the Internet and social media, we can make pilgrimages wherever we are.

5 Reasons Pilgrimage is Rewarding and Life-Rebooting

1. From Treadmill to Trailblazing

You know those times when you feel like you are stuck in a rut? We all have them. Step off the treadmill of your unconscious routine and blaze new trails with things like daily walks, talking with new people, and trying new experiences. These simple actions can re-boot your ability to see possibility where you did not before. Read more here – Why Pilgrimage (Part 1 of 4)

2. Peak Experience

You are hardwired to thrive in the space of awe and adventure. Though sometimes we can be fooled into thinking we are happy with the status quo, challenge allows you to see you are capable of so much more. Read more here –  Peak Experience (Part 2 of 4)

3. What really matters

Each of us need time and space to take stock of our dreams and goals, to connect to what really matters. Modern rhythms do not offer easy, built in ways to reconnect to your dreams. Your unconscious daily routine can distract you from reaching those goals your soul longs to achieve. Read more here – Treadmill to Trailblaze (Part 3 of 4)

4. Widen your circle

Meeting new people with fresh perspectives can help you re-center yourself and expand the ways you see your life and the world around you. Read more here – Mighty Band of Pilgrims (part 4 of 4)

5. Have fun

Shake up your life, lighten up and make time for laughter. It’s so good for you!



Ultimately, we want to help create a world in which people are encouraged and supported to realize connection with what matters most.

Let’s be better together.