REALIZING CONNECTION grew from an uncomfortable observation about our world right now and an audacious proposal which could begin a positive shift.

Here’s what I’ve observed

Over-scheduled and over-stimulated, we feel increasing dis-ease and dis-connection with each other and our world. More people today report they lack a true confidante than 20 years ago, even though studies now show a primary key to longevity is feeling connected to a person or community. Our desire for connection through consumption is eroding once-robust ecosystems.

Why are we here?

Are electronics, and devices to blame for our disconnection? I don’t think so. They can expose us to new ideas, spur positive transformation, and link us to a network of friends around the world. But I bet sometimes you catch yourself retreating into your device out of default instead of reaching out to the people and the natural world around you. Maybe you switch on the television to soothe your worried mind. Maybe buying that one more thing feels like it will really improve your life. I would bet if you’re like many people I talk with that these diversions leave you feeling more empty than connected to what really matters. Right?

Me too.

How can we change that?

Here’s what you and I know

We thrive where love and intimacy prevail. We want to belong. This is true in our personal connections like partners and families, and our earth connections, like the souls of our feet on cool blades of grass, or our eyes gazing up to a brilliant, starry sky. Feeling connected and cared for makes us more able to handle whatever life throws at us. We draw on those connections in times of stress.

What could happen if we re-wire ourselves
to default to connection instead of distraction?

Here’s the invitation

We can shift our lives toward joy and purpose when we daily test out new ways to strengthen our connections to each other, our communities and our planet.

Realizing connection happens through experimentation, joyful trial-and-error, play, and more.

Join me as we share stories and new research that reveals the phenomenal connection available all the time. We’ll discover surprising insights and co-create playful experiments designed to help us do just that.

Connect. Together.