Maybe you feel stuck in your routines and hunger for a new rhythm.

Maybe you want space to reflect on your life’s transitions but there’s no time in your busy schedule.

Maybe you’d love a fresh perspective, new scenery, but traveling right now is out of the question.

Maybe you need to get your body moving and your mind focused, but you lack support and framework for making that happen.

We’re starting our first experiment of many at REALIZING CONNECTION. This one is at the core of my personal practice, and will be fun, inspiring and healthy!

Connected Pilgrim Pledge
A 2-week, International & Stay-at-home experiment
July 3-16, 2016

I’ve spent years walking, studying and contemplating reflection and connection, on formal pilgrimages and in everyday life. Claifying the differences and honing in on similarities between pilgrimage, vision quest and journeying.

Here’s my working definition of Pilgrimage:

A sustained endeavor taken with the purpose to re-center and re-boot your life.

Everyday from July 3-16 we’ll all get curious and simplify. These acts can shift our lives from distraction to connection.

Here’s what we plan to do.

1. Pursue the feeling of awe.

We’ll get curious about the people and the world around us. Through fun and inspiring prompts we’ll find new ways to talk with people we don’t know, go to places we have not been before… even if that is just taking different streets on the way to work and back. In this process you will notice what makes you feel open and expansive and when you feel more closed off and isolated. We are going for expansion and connection!

2. Actively and daily pursue the question “Who do I want to become?”

Every day we will explore how it feels sit with the vision of what we each hope to become. The daily prompts will support this inner and outer journey too. Let’s plan to have a sense of lightness about it all, and take what is useful there, leaving the rest.

We’ll get curious and release judgments about where we find ourselves in life right now. Self-judgment can create stagnation and fear… who wants that? Together, we’ll move toward activities and feelings that support us, and let go of negativity when it does not serve us. We’ll each give ourselves the gift of carrying this big and beautiful question as we move through each day.

3. Walk at least 30 minutes each day in a natural setting. *

We’ll walk, in the neighborhood, or a park, or a hiking trail, or a forest, or the beach. We’ll make walking every day a priority for these two weeks. When walking we’ll do our best to stay curious and engaged. Listening, smelling, touching, seeing, even tasting things that spark imagination. It’s just two-weeks. We can do it!

4. Make time and space each day to be still, listen to your heart and connect.

Everyday during the Virtual Pilgrimage, for at least 15 minutes you will take time to turn off the phone, tablet, television, and computer.

Disconnect to Reconnect.

That can happen whenever it works best for you. You will offer the part of you that feels harried and disconnected, a dedicated moment to BE.

5. Enlist support.

A great opportunity to get the support and love you need. Make sure your family, friends, and/or roommates know that you are taking this small slice of time for yourself. Ask them to help you honor this commitment by encouraging you and offering support. Asking for support is an important part of connection.

6. Share your experiences.

We’ll all keep up with the prompts and our commitment to walking and reflecting. You will have the opportunity to share, respond and build connection on the Facebook group, and/or comment on the blog posts, and/or post photos and thoughts with the #ConnectedPilgrim on other social media channels. We’ll share images, thoughts, quotes and other things that inspire us, with the goal of building community and encouraging connection.

Join the Pilgrimage here!

From there join our Facebook group, where much of the action will happen.

Check out our hatching of plans here.

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Looking forward to Virtual Pilgrim-ing with you and seeing what happens next!

*If walking is not possible for you, you can still join us!  Commit to getting yourself out into a natural setting, rain or shine, for at least 30 minutes a day, every day for these two weeks.

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