We can be easily distracted by the grand gestures, the large projects, the loudest voice in the room. Though there is a reason for our response to the grand, we tap some transformative power when we realize

…there is a wealth of information, delight and sometimes even magic waiting in the small and seemingly ordinary.

The rituals you began developing, or just contemplating, for yourself yesterday will enhance your ability to slow down and become aware.

As the days pass you might begin to feel more space between the moments on your walk, or during that quiet time you have set aside each day.

And just to be real, you also might not feel more space now.

That’s why we’re experimenting.

Get curious today.

Become aware.

Allow your pace to settle.

Notice the rhythm of the raindrops as they pelt the ground outside your window.

Take in the smell of the warm air in the sunshine.

See if you can glimpse the magic in the ordinary.

“Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa

“Sometimes the little opportunities that fly at us each day can have the biggest impact.” Danny Wallace

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Walking with you,

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