“Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it forgoes revenge and dares forgive an injury.” E. H. Chapin

Forgiveness of a hurt does not come cheap, but the return on investment is priceless.

When we let go of the baggage of anger and resentment we free up space and energy to move forward with our lives feeling clean and clear.

At dinner tonight we were talking about what we brought on this pilgrimage that we realize now we do not need. Tonight the talk was more about how to make our load/suitcase lighter but it brought me back to my intention for this pilgrimage, which I haven’t shared, until now.

A spontaneous prayer arose within me as I approached the Cruz de Ferro, an important point of intention on the Camino, on my own personal pilgrimage which began 10 days before we began this pilgrimage adventure together. 

As I walked to place my rock on the pile of thousands I asked to feel free from the useless self doubt that has haunted me on and off since I started to manifest a vision of REALIZING CONNECTION. My intention was/is to empower myself to make the bold choices needed to bring us closer in a world that seems so focused on division.

Over the last 9 days I’ve realized I have some forgiveness to experience, of myself and others, to really walk my talk when it comes to connection. There are people I have not forgiven, and I feel now how that is like anchor I’m dragging as I try to fly free.

I’ve realized on this Camino that forgiveness needs to be a new daily practice.

I need to let myself, and everyone else, off the hook.

Now forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. I do believe people show you who they really are through their actions. We can forgive and hold real and safe boundaries.   

Forgiveness is about you, not the one you feel wronged you.

Maybe the most important person to forgive is yourself.

With so much gratitude to walk with each of you. What joy and connection we are creating!

Let’s keep keepin’ it real!

Walking together is so much better,


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  • Angie

    That’s the reason why I decided to joint the virtual pilgrim. To let go. Thxs for this blog post Jennie.

    • Jennie Benjamin

      Grateful this made sense to you Angie. Thank you.

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