We learn to walk when we are very young.

Though we are learning phenomenal amounts at amazing speeds, we don’t have any other jobs to manage when we are toddlers. Someone makes our food, tells us when it is time to play, time to sleep, time to eat. Our work takes effort, and our life is simple.

The first time we walk we learn with full focus and intention on that task.

Flash forward 30 years and life, for most, becomes more complex. We’re aware of our responsibilities to our family, our rent/mortgage. We must manage complex relationships, support our friends, and take care of our own bodies.

We’ve graduated from “childhood”.

This virtual pilgrimage is, in a way, creating intentional space for new learning. Not only are we creating a walking habit for two weeks, but as we’ve seen with so many moving posts and stories, we as individuals and a community are focused on being the change we want to see in the world.

We are learning to walk in a new way.

In Spain I’m learning what it means to keep my cup filled while I help others find their own sustenance. It’s a constant balance which feels like it requires as much awareness and negotiation with gravity as those first steps I took when I was small.

I’m thrilled and humbled by the images and creativity shared in our Facebook group. This community helps fill my cup and teaches me in so many ways.

We are learning with more ease and speed because we are all in this together. The desire to be our best selves and to be part of something larger is palpable.

Let’s keep picking each other up.

Let’s learn to walk again, together.

Thanks to everyone that has hopped in on the conversation in our Facebook group. If you want to join, but are having technical difficulties, please send me an email so we can help you get connected.

Share with us the ways you are learning to walk again.

So grateful to be here with you,

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