The hero/kid inside all of us is longing for adventure, far from the same monotonous sack lunch, constant droning of the television, predictability of the “sanitized for your safety” modern life, and/or the relentless responsibilities of being a/an “insert job title here”.

We long for the grand vista, literally and figuratively. Internally and externally.

We are hard-wired for awe.

In walks pilgrimage as an antidote to the work-a-day.

REALIZING CONNECTION’s current working definition of pilgrimage is:

A sustained endeavor taken with the purpose to re-center and re-boot your life.

We all know that feeling of being connected, “in the flow”, and the impact that kind of experience can have on our lives following the peak experience. We are encouraged and empowered.

We are invigorated when we push the edge of our limits. Our hearts race (in a good way), our minds expand with possibility, we feel energetic and alive.

Riding that edge, whether it is on a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain, surfing the pipeline in Oahu, learning something completely new to you, or standing up for yourself when it is not easy, helps you to know who you are and what you can really do. Even when you don’t succeed in the way you had hoped, the peak experience still delivers.

Stepping out of the comfort zone helps you realize that fear and self-doubt are most often something to be challenged and overcome.

I think many of us could use a little jolt to our systems, to shake things up and see what happens. Don’t you?

There are large and small ways to step out of the shadows and toward peak experience, and it doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on a far-flung adventure, though those can be immensely rewarding if you can swing them. We can confront fear and challenge ourselves right where we live!

REALIZING CONNECTION is getting ready to launch a thought provoking, fun, and free experiment centered on the vision of creating peak experience right where you are. I’ve spoken with many of you that long for some way to create expansiveness and possibility in your lives without having to spend loads of money or leave family/job to make it happen. I have an idea I think we should try!

If you’d like to learn more about this #ConnectedPilgrim version of pilgrimage, or just keep track of our motley crew of would-be adventurers, check it out and subscribe here!

This is the 2nd in a 4 part series asking This is the 2nd in a 4 part series asking “Why is pilgrimage relevant in the early 21st century?”


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