Life, and pilgrimage, even for introverts like me, is most real and impactful when we are present for each other. Some of my most powerful memories of are of human-to-human connection.

I bet you have those memories too.

The night when your good friend stayed up late talking you through a job loss, or tough break-up, or the day you became an empty nester. Even more profound when you stood by a friend or family member as they battled a life-threatening illness, fought addiction, or grieved the loss of a loved one, not knowing what to say, but feeling the deep value of your presence for each other.

Time stops, expands and envelopes us when we feel truly connected.

We are better together.

We instinctively share our joys and victories too. The birth of our children, job promotions, our team winning the football game, books being published, kid’s graduations, anniversaries of sobriety, marriages, births… and the list goes on.

We reach out for connection when our relationship to the world is shifting.

Pilgrimage and its new baby sister, the REALIZING CONNECTION Virtual Pilgrimage, are “the more the merrier” propositions. Most of us didn’t choose to live a life of a hermit, whiling away our days in a cave high in the Himalayas cut off from the world, though there are days recently that might seem like a good idea, huh?

This moment, as we take one step at a time toward the people we want to become, is a time for community.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m strongly encouraging us all to find ways that may push us to discomfort but bring us closer to each other.

Recent days have shown divisiveness in pockets of our world, it’s up to us to counteract that with connection.

Here are some ways to connect as part of our growing RC community, and citizens of the world.

1. Smile and say hello to the person you pass as you walk down the street. Yes, it is possible they might not respond, but the risk so often worth the reward. Try it!

2. Talk with that person at work who seems completely different than you. You’ll be surprised by what you have in common.

3. Ask the server, check-out person, grocery bagger, customer service representative, and/or mail person a question about their day and watch their face light up realizing they are seen for more than a cog in someone else’s wheel.

4. If you are part of RC, share your impressions and experiences in our FB group, and the blog comments boxes. Fill these spaces with the reflections of the people we all are.

5. Respond to other people’s ideas. Encourage, support and question, respectfully please, the things we throw down. Make this RC community a version of the world you want to live in. We can workshop it in our community and take it worldwide.

6. Invite your friends to join the Virtual Pilgrimage! Here’s the deal, this free program happens no matter how many people join it. Sure, it’s nice for my ego if we have a lot of folks here, but the truth is I’m 200% invested whether we’ve got 10, 100 or 1000. The likelihood that you’ll feel more centered, more connected, more clear, increases nearly exponentially when you build community and have friends by your side.

So, bring a friend and make a friend.

Ask questions, of me and each other.


Be curious.

Stay engaged.

We do more than “get by” with a little help from our friends, we thrive!

If you haven’t already, join our REALIZING CONNECTION community, be part of the change you want to see in the world, and receive a free Mandala Map poster here.

Re-boot your life one step at a time in our first experiment Virtual Pilgrimage here. You’ll get the Mandala poster too!

It’s time to
Share ideas.
Share the world.
Grow together.

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