Today, and everyday you have the responsibility to push back against anyone or anything that seeks to divide…

the connection to something greater inside you,

the connection to something greater outside you.

We are stretched to our limits mentally and emotionally. The amount of information flowing through our mind/body/spirit is unlike we have known before.

The challenges to process it all can trigger a fight or flight response which makes it nearly impossible to make measured, helpful choices. (I felt that response on election night. Maybe you did too.)

There’s some deep programming going on.

This old wiring helps us when we are literally running for our lives. Though we do face dangers, in most cases heading to mortal fear first robs us our power, and our wits.

Fear divides us.

We must remember to connect.

Human connection is a required act of rebellion against the fight-or-flight wiring inside our bodies.

We need to learn to settle ourselves so we can focus and have impact.

Though there are critically important issues to attend to, people and ideas to stand for,

the first issue we need to attend to is within.

Reaching out to connect is a step we can take now.

On Wednesday morning, when I felt unmoored, I immediately did 3 things. 1. Texted a refugee friend who I felt might be worried about her family’s safety in our country. We set a date to see each other. 2. Shared a supportive, back and forth string of email with a group of dear friends. 3. Spoke with another friend on the phone. She was pretty steady, so I allowed myself to relax, and really cry. The tears released pent up energy and began to reset my jangled nervous system.

Though dazed, I did not feel desparate.

Each of these exchanges brought me closer to my strong self. I felt more grounded, integrated, and considerably more resilient for having reached out.

Later that day I was able to smile at strangers. I received many thankful smiles in return. It felt so good. I was present for my daughter, her confusion, and her questions. With that exchange she relaxed and got a good night’s sleep.

Connection is exponential.

My friends had helped me, but those connections also helped so many more.

Feeling connected to something larger than yourself will not only soothe your nervous system, it will also allow you to realize the resources you hold individually and we, collectively.

Now, more than ever, we need to reach out in all ways available to us.

When faced with prospect of speaking to someone, you might feel afraid, or worry about the response.

Do it anyway.

It is time to practice realizing connection.

This isn’t about some self-help guru telling you to go to your happy place.

This is about the power you have to shape your experience, which turns into our collective experience.

Start with someone you know, if that’s easier. But there’s nothing like the feeling of making a stranger a friend.

Though all of these work in some fashion, in general;

A text beats a tweet/post.

A phone conversation beats a text.

A hug beats a phone conversation.

A loving, heart-to-heart, face-to-face talk trumps them all.

When we connect with others, in real time, our perceptions widen, we arrest that old programming.

We wise up.

What I think about nearly day and night is how to shake up any movement which supports division over connection, how to build up the spaces that are willing to hold us all.

What connects us is massive.

…It is larger than any one of us can comprehend.

What separates us is so small.

What can you do today to bust up those walls and encourage connection?

Rebel against reactionary fear, inside and out.

Go deeper.

Be courageous, relentless, and kind.

Your actions can make all the difference in the world.

Your actions will make all the difference in the world.

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Let’s keep talking,


  • Jean Eldridge

    While I am still in the dazed phase following the events of the week, my grandson and I spent time yesterday connecting with each other and some strangers we encountered doing routine things like getting a haircut and having lunch. He and I talked and talked a lot about counter measures we could employ as individuals…what struck me ….was the amazing amount of diversity in our local community and how so many people seemed to be moving with eyes down…maybe afraid or even angry? . So…we endeavored to make conversation first over a feisty computer that had the hair salon off line for making payments and then then over the spice choices at a Mongolian Grill. Mostly it worked immediately and the atmosphere brightened. I’m one case it took an extra dose of kindness, but finally there were smiles. So my grandson and I made a pact. Look up, connect, smile!

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