It is hard these days to write uplifting posts that recognize our world scene and the part we each play in it. 

Here’s what I know is true. 

Everyday we can create the world we want to live in through small acts of kindness and awareness with ourselves and with each other. 

Yes, so many have said it. It’s because it is a Universal truth. 

We can celebrate the caring community generated each and every day on our virtual pilgrimage. You’ve reached out for support, and received it. You’ve shared scary things, real things and have relished in each other’s joy-filled experience. 

The last two weeks, minus one day, we’ve been here for each other. 

With one day until we complete our virtual pilgrimage, let’s find reasons to celebrate our individual and group achievements. 

Today, let’s recognize the commitment we’ve made to ourselves and each other to step toward the future we know in our hearts is good. 

Can you make time to reflect on your experience? Reflection is an important part of pilgrimage. 

Walk to Reconnect, our tour here in Spain, arrived into Santiago de Compostela today.  I’ve been up and moving for more than 18 hours, including walking a 20km day. More photos and video will be shared first thing in the morning!

Even in our dark times we must make time to celebrate. 

Celebrate Life. 

Celebrate Love. 

Celebrate Community. 

Grateful to walk with you all,


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