“I believe that the image of pilgrimage is an appropriate metaphor for the journey we are all on through this life. We’re all pilgrims coming from somewhere and hoping to find our way to a better place. If you’re not quite sure which road to take, make that your prayer, offer it to God and know you are not alone.” Br Jim Woodrum

Here we are together on the 14th day of our Virtual Pilgrimage, and the completion of what I hope will be the first of a series of monthly experiments designed to break feelings of isolation… from each other and our true selves. 

Even though this experiment is ending, what we do with what we’ve gained has only just begun.

My great hope is no matter your level of involvement, you gained something by exploring the practice of pilgrimage.

Getting myself to Santiago this year was harder than I expected. 

There were a grand share of belly laughs, hugs, and awe-inspiring moments. I also made mistakes, felt emotional at times and my body did not always cooperate with my desires. 

Pretty normal in the realm of pilgrimage… and life. 

In the past I might have distracted myself, or blamed, or run when I noticed things weren’t going as I had planned. 

I didn’t this time. 

I am practicing holding space, and grace, for it all. 

It’s a really juicy kind of uncomfortable.

What’s really amazing and makes me want to jump for joy is that I learned so much more about myself and my aspirations than I would have if things had gone exactly as I imagined. 

The happy accidents are often the best parts of life and pilgrimage. 

Imperfect perfection. 

Don’t let this be the last of your mission and intention for yourself and your world.

Let it be the beginning.

These times of instant information and social media bring to light so much that has been hiding in the shadows. 

I, for one, feel it is better to know what is happening and have a chance to do something about it than to be complacent and ignorant. 

This turmoil in the world is allowing us to see our patterns and habitual choices and change them for the better.

Don’t be dis-couraged. Engage that courage.

Keep walking. Keep sharing. Here at REALIZING CONNECTION, in your families, schools, communities… and let that circle expand as wide as you can.

I’m taking a few days off from posting to explore my pilgrimage through walking, journalling, meditating, resting and working on the book. I’m encouraging you to find your ways to do the same.

I will be responding to your posts, comments and messages, so feel free to keep ’em coming!

And remember no matter where we are in our process; beginning, middle or end…

“We are all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

With so much Love, Light and Gratitude,

  • Vedya Boikess

    I too take these next days to rest and integrate. My heart is open, receptive. I continue to walk beside cool waters. My soul is restored. Ankle healing. Blisters fading away. The beauty, the light moving towards the full moon.

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