Stop your daily “doing” and replace your routine with soulful rituals.

We are thrilled to welcome Alisa Barry as a guest contributor on our Virtual Pilgrimage adventure. Alisa has the remarkable gift of being able to draw down lofty concepts (like ritual) and make them real, inspiring, transformative and doable in our modern experience of life. Enjoy!

Rituals have long been a source of sustenance for many cultures as a way to provide comfort and calm. They give us the grounding to go about our life and work with elegance and ease, despite the demands of daily life and the inevitable adversity that comes our way.

Rituals are not another “to-do” to add to our already too long list of what needs to get done.

Rituals are a sacred way to bring meaning and mindfulness to the mundane and a sense of devotional discipline and beauty to our regimented routine.

Even when we do what we love, we can’t endure endlessly without refilling the well that rejuvenates our soul.

Create your personal menu of soulful sustenance.

When do you feel nourished and nurtured wholly (holy) body, mind and spirit?

When we pay close attention to those things that lift us up and light our fire, we’re less likely to focus on the things that torment us tirelessly.

Discover what supports you and start to incorporate more of that into your every day.

Use Ritual as an invitation or invocation to start your day or help you get through the day in a more thoughtful way.

Here are a few tools to help you choose a ritual that will serve as sustenance to feed your soul:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Find something that supports you soulfully.
3. Be patient with yourself.
4. Be relentlessly on behalf of your best self.

Seek out the salve that soothes your soul.

Whatever you do, when you do it mindfully it will have meaning and matter.

Let your life be a prayer.

You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and
vibrantly alive in repose. -Indira Gandhi

Alisa Barry is an artist, author & entrepreneur. She is the founder of the award-winning lifestyle brand, Bella Cucina. Her passion for food and love of beauty as an artistic and aesthetic expression is evident in everything she  creates. You can visit her online here:

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