About Jennie

I see our world as a series of connections, circles, and networks. Finding and exploring these connections is my passion. It’s my nerdy, quirky hobby/job/fandom.

Exploring Connection

I spent my 20s and early 30s learning about business, management, and team-building at the Disney Company. For decades now I’ve been immersed in the study of various approaches to health and wellness including Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Meditation, Diet, Ayurveda, Permaculture.

What I see in all these practices is the common bond of connection. Each of them works through relationships and by working with systems to impact other systems. These actions create health or dis-ease.

Here is what I know now:

Realizing Connection

What we do has an exponential ripple effect.

We feel it, ancient traditions have reflected it for centuries, and several scientists’ work are now corroborating it. Tiny changes can have a huge impact.

Let’s make the shift together from “Me” to “We.” We’ll take playful steps toward each other and experience the power of connection.

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